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This is not a cure.
When you’re finished with Oto, you won’t need one.

What's included with 1-1 therapy

Online 1-1 Therapy

Access to a world class audiologist
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Learn how to push tinnitus into the background with a world class licensed audiologist.

Instant Support

Get the help when you need it most
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Get instant answers and access to our team through your own guide

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Toolkit App

Additional techniques and tools
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In support of our 1-1 therapy, you can access our digital program anytime, anywhere

Personalised Program

Designed for you, to get results faster
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Take our tinnitus assessment and we’ll create a unique program tailored to your needs

How it works

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We’ll learn about your tinnitus and in which areas you need help.


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Oto’s 1-1 Tinnitus Therapy Guide

This tinnitus therapy guide will help you learn more about how to get your life back from tinnitus.

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We’ve helped thousands forget about their tinnitus

This is by far the best therapy...

“You learn many practices, such as CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy), Mindfulness therapy, breathing techniques, and many more tools which will help. This is by far the best therapy with the latest technology for managing your tinnitus.”

Claire, United Kingdom - Oto user.

A program designed by tinnitus experts, living with tinnitus themselves.

Oto Expert

Anna Pugh

World leading audiologist and tinnitus therapist

“My qualifications and training in Cognitive Behavioural therapies include Acceptance and Commitment therapy as well as Pain Management. I trained under Jastreboff and Hazell to deliver TRT and have advanced practice by incorporating a counselling therapeutic approach. This is in line with the best current research that demonstrates a blended approach is most effective to help people feel better with tinnitus. With a lived experience of tinnitus, I have applied these techniques to myself when I need to. I want people to know that habituation to tinnitus is possible - wherever they are on the journey.”

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Dr Jameel Muzaffar

Jameel Muzaffar

ENT Consultant & leading hearing researcher

Jameel is a leader in hearing research studies and has applied the latest clinically proven techniques and practices to Oto’s therapy.“

Patients often leave their doctors, ENT surgeon or audiologists without any ongoing support, and with a feeling of ‘what now?’ Oto has changed that by providing accessible therapy, structure and practical support to provide the help that patients need.”

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Dr. Edmund Farrar &
Dr. George Leidig

Military doctors who treated hundreds of people with tinnitus

“We’ve experienced tinnitus both personally and professionally. Thankfully both of us have now habituated but learning to live with the ringing was tough. It was during our time as doctors in the military that we realised the scale of the problem. We worked with many young people who had been exposed to the noise of weapons and engines, and had severe tinnitus as a result. We felt powerless to help. We’re so pleased that Oto now allows instant access to science-based support. Oto offers real help and is backed by world leading experts in the field.”

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86% of people feel better after 1 month


What is 1-1 personalised therapy?

1-1 personalised therapy sessions are video sessions delivered virtually by Oto’s expert audiologists and hearing therapists. Oto’s experts will work with you to help move your tinnitus to the background so you can focus on the things that matter to you.

How does the therapy work?

Oto’s 1-1 therapy is delivered through video sessions with your therapist. In your sessions, your therapist will work with you to come up with a program centred around your needs and what you would like to achieve from your therapy. Using CBT and other integrative approaches, you will learn how to take back control of your life.

Is it right for me?

1-1 therapy is suitable for anyone with tinnitus, whether you notice it occasionally or it’s all you can focus on day and night. Take our assessment now to find out if 1-1 therapy is a right fit for you. Make sure that you’ve been diagnosed by a medical professional in the first instance, as sometimes there’s a treatable condition causing the tinnitus.

How do I book a free consultation?

Once you’ve reached the end of the assessment to see if 1-1 therapy is suitable for you, you will be prompted to book a free consultation with a member of the team. Not started your assessment yet? Take the assessment here.

Is this a cure for tinnitus?

This is not a cure for tinnitus. But your 1-1 personalised therapy will teach you the most effective techniques to push your tinnitus into the background to the point where you will no longer need a cure.

What is habituation?

Habituation is when the tinnitus sound becomes so normal to your mind, you forget it’s even there.